Baby Imprint Keepsake Kits

Baby Imprint Keepsake Kits – This little hand stole my heart and this little foot ran away with it. Your baby is always growing, so his little hands and feet are always getting bigger. In fact, a year after his birth, he will have doubled in size! That means his hands and feet will never be so small, fragile and innocent as they are right now. Just think how special it will be to have a little handprint or baby footprint memento to cherish years from now!
We have got a unique gift collection of keepsake imprint frames to make a gift for your life time. These frames enables you to creat and display your baby’s tiny handprint or footprint alongside your favourite photo. Making gifts centred on your baby’s hand print or footprint sure to be treasured by each and every parent. The fingerprint or footprint clay available in different colors

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