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Favours for the expecting mums and her bevy of lovely friends

The rainbow of motherhood paints your life with the brightest of hues with each passing day. The nine months of anticipation and excitement seems to be worth the wait when you hold your little one in your hands for the very first time. Well, Babies Bloomhas taken an initiative to make your wait a lot more fun and a lot less boring presenting you an awesome bunch of collectibles and essentials, each doped high on the scales of cuteness.

Keepsake books for the expecting moms are the absolute DIY gift ideas for mommy to be at times when you are dying to share all your exciting experiences and no one’s all ears to you, a lovely keepsake book themed on the cute baby belongings is your best friend. Also, you can shop for the stylish and trendy maternity wear here at Babies Bloomat reasonable prices for your shopping spree mood swing.

The nursing pillows are atop the list as nothing can be more comfortable than these both during and post your pregnancy.While some pillows are meant for the feeding time, there are C-shaped and U-shaped pillows that serve all purposes- these are called all-in-one pillows. The U-shaped pillows are the best support for your back and baby bump while you sleep.

This online store has presented a collection of fashionable pins and brooches as well. Besides being a sparkling addition to the baby shower gift hamper, these can also be a part of the baby shower return favours’ pouch. Chic bag charms, manicure sets, sanitary napkin holders and tissue holders are atop the list of impressive birthday gifts for mom. For the welcome parties for the mother and the new-born duo, the wet and dry diaper bags, feeding cloaks and the new mom’s pregnancy care products make the ideal gifts.

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